Default Modem Password Router IP Setup for Wireless/Cable

Router IP address of Linksys, ZTE, Billion and many other wireless or cable router / modems:, or

You can login to a typical router, modem, wireless router or cable dsl modem, with “admin” as the login name and “admin” as the password. Here are the default IP and password of some modem types:

ZTE modem:
IP Address:
Username: ADSL
Password: expert03
Username: ZXDSL
Password: ZXDSL
Username: admin
Password: telekomst

KASDA modem:
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: telekomst

ArtNet modem:
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: telekomst
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: admin
Password: password

Triz modem:
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: aaaaaaaa

Aztech modem:
IP Address: OR
Username: admin
Password: blank
Username: admin
Password: password
Username: admin
Password: admin

Billion modem:
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: password

Huawei modem:
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Hyundai HSE-220 Modem:
IP Address:
Username: ADSL
Password: ADSL
Username: admin
Password: ADSL
Username: root
Password: root

Riger DB102:
IP Address:
Username: tmadmin
Password: tmadmin

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Linksys Router Default Password and IP:
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: admin

How To Disable Auto-Connection

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112 Responses

  1. Elijah Look says:

    On the modem only got the word “tmnet streamyx” and no brand for it.

  2. Elijah Look says:

    erm.. I tried all the passwords and none of them is correct.

  3. pijut82 says:

    elijah – It might be a different brand. Maybe you’re using other brand from the list, probably i-connect?

  4. kenshinz says:

    I go to for gaming interest. This streamyx modem name is DB102 adsl modem. None of DB102 portforwards is there. I’m trying so hard to open port so that I can create game. Because of this new modem is recognized. Kinda it makes all things difficult.

  5. pijut82 says:

    kenshinz – DB102 is normally known as Riger. Their interfaces are similiar to ZTE ZXDSL. If you want to set port just go to Admin Tab. Then click at the Port Setting. Just fill in which Port you want to use.

  6. dee78 says:

    I’m about to setting up my wireless connection. I managed to create a wireless network and everything is going fine except the internet connection. Currently, with my wireless connection, I can print, share my file over the network. But when trying to access internet it can’t connect.
    Here is my hardware specs:

    SYSTEM : mixed ( 3 PC with winxp pro sp2 and 1 pc with WIN ME)

    FYI, only 2 pc can access the internet. I also disable WEP,etc wireless security tools. I let it open.. thanks

  7. pijut82 says:

    * dee78 – can you specify which pc is not connected to the wireless?
    zte (auto-connection) connect to aztech (wireless) to 3 pc? is it? or something else?

  8. hafiz says:

    I just need some info about connected but can not browse issue. What are the trouble shooting steps?

  9. pijut82 says:

    – could you double check back your computer IP is it in tha same range of Billion IP ( 192.168.x.x ) class?
    – you can check by doing this:
    1. go to Start>Click Run> Type cmd.
    2. in the command prompt type ipconfig.
    3. Check your IP is it start with 192.168.x.x or is it start with 169.x.x.x?
    4. If start with 169.x.x.x, you need to re-configure your computer IP manually

  10. stalker says:

    OPSS.. sorry.. found it already… ehehe… :D

  11. stalker says:

    Thanks bro for this usefull information. But can you find the ID and pass for ZYXEL modem?

  12. pijut82 says:

    i think you will found it in ZYXEL Modem Page there..
    anyway thank for visiting this site

  13. sui says:

    How to make auto connection?

  14. hehe says:

    i got the same problem with yfaradiz and I think I need to re-configure my computer.

  15. Jojo says:

    I just purchased a new Billion ADSL router from Telekom. But my laptop was unable to detect the wireless. If I want to online, I need to plug in the cable to my laptop. Wasn’t the BiPAC 5112s came 2 in 1 (modem and router together) ?

  16. Titanz says:

    the BiPAC 5122S does not come with wireless adapter. Get one wireless adapter such as D-Link or Belkin to get on wireless

  17. tony wong says:

    I can’t reset my BiPAC 5122S a. I can’t login to page too. I try to make 2 pc online at the same time but failed. Anyone can help out?

  18. xboyzx says:

    Could anyone teach me how to configure bipac 5122s router? So that I could port forwarding it. Currently config>>Bridge mode (I reset it before).
    I am still new in this stuff.

  19. mr0324 says:

    some idiot changed the RIGER modem (connected to AZTECH cable/dsl wireless router) to BILLION modem/router and reset the AZTECH too. When the BILLION is connected to the AZTECH, the desktops and laptops were unable to connect to internet. Wireless connection was marked as “not connected”.

    You said to reconfig the IP, meaning the computers’ IP, right? The IP showed 169 but it was not an issue before as all IPs were set to ‘auto’.

    anyone has any ideas? Thank You in advance.

  20. pijut82 says:

    xboyzx – to do forwarding you can go to this website

  21. pijut82 says:

    mro324 – 169 is still the issue because how on earth you can access 192.x.x.x range if you are in 169.x.x.x range? Try to re-configure it to be 192.x.x.x range.

  22. Harimau_Siam says:

    I need help here because I’m newbie in modem configuration. Can anybody help me on how to setup auto connection using billion modem?

  23. F AI L o says:

    are you genzexazes it’s not working in huawei modem

  24. pijut82 says:

    Failo – if it’s not working, why not try to do the hard reset..

  25. saravana7 says:

    I can’t configure billion modem. I need some help

  26. BloodVillian says:

    saravana7 Specify your problem. What do you mean by can’t configure? Emma, call your provider and ask them about the user and password for access. Remember to provide the provider with your account detail, such as your account number or username. In your case be ready to provide them with the account number.

  27. night says:

    I want to ask if caremo modem model AS520 can create game or not? How ?

  28. KaNe.. says:

    I don’t know how to start using the linksys that I’ve just bought. I tried something that day, and now I can’t even connect to the internet directly with my modem. All the LED’s are ON except for the “data” LED.

  29. R says:

    I got a cctv pci card connect with link sys router and Riger DB102. I want to view it in another country, but can not connect.
    Who knows why?

  30. Leong says:

    Wonderful information that you are providing online here. I managed to setup my modem as a router and very unexpectedly, even a novice like me can manage it with this piece of special information that you provide. So, thanks a lot for your post online. All the best. I wonder how did you manage to dig out so much of information about StreamyX. Bravo man!

  31. Kral Oyun says:

    Where is the default username and password of AZTECH Adsl “Ethernet Usb” ?

  32. Edward Chew says:

    I’m looking for Lucent Cellpipe 50AS ADSL password. Can somebody guide me how to reset this modem (I can’t see any reset button at the back of the modem as usual) ?
    This modem is a bit “old” but I am still using it. I think telekom is using this modem since the streamyx launched and it only supplies to corporate use. Thanks.

  33. mamat says:

    I’m using BiPAC 5112s. I didn’t know this before to just buy a switch to make it can be used by more than 1 PC, so i’ve bought DLink DI 604. Can I use it as a switch?

  34. pijut82 says:

    which one you want to use as a switch?
    BiPAC or DLINK? BIPAC can only be as modem and router but I think your DLink can be a switch

  35. pijut82 says:

    can you provide me the modem name?
    for a record you can hard reset your modem by puke into the hole behind the modem.

  36. tommy says:

    I have a RIGER modem router. After I config the auto connection, after I complete the config it can run automatically. But when I try to turn it off and on back the auto connection fails and needs to get config again and again. I went to commit and reboot the modem but it’s still the same.

  37. icepicks says:

    I am using a T263R1U-A0 (ADSL2/2+ Combo Router). Tried username: admin
    password: admin or telekomst

    It still doesn’t work.

  38. tmadmin says:

    How do I disable the auto dialing in DB102 or Bipac?

  39. tmadmin says:

    Forgot to ask, the db102, after I off the modem all the settings have gone. It is actually saved or not?

  40. boonhooi says:

    I have just bought a billion adsl router modem. I can’t connect to the internet. Is it the first time we need to go to to configure?

  41. pijut82 says:

    >> please check your modem default setting, is it VCI-0 VPI-35? because from my experience all modem that you bought from the IT shop all the configuration is from outside of Malaysia.

  42. pijut82 says:

    >> is not saved. after doing the configuration please do the Commit and Reboot process.

  43. nic says:

    I got problem on configure RIGER DB102 modem from streamyx. Can anyone teach me step by step how to do the configuration?

  44. DFDF says:

    what is Aztech user and password ?

  45. pijut82 says:

    you should check at the article because I already state it there

  46. Eric says:

    I can’t find the ID and password

  47. Abcxyz says:

    hello, I am trying to connect to but don’t know the username and password >_> have tried many and none work :(

  48. Kristopher says:

    Thanks for the information.

    Just found out that Billion ADSL modem had a default and other pc that connected to it with a manually configured IP address that are not the same as 192.168.1.XXX will not work.

  49. darren says:

    hi, can anyone help and tell me how to connect, also I don’t know user name and password I’m using RIGER ADSL modem 2/2+
    DB102 which is provided by TM. THANKS A LOT!

  50. mahesh Kumar Verma says:

    How To Find The Lost Password Of

  51. pijut82 says:

    dear adi,

    it might be the url is invalid.
    try to look at the manual guide for the modem itself.
    it’s supposed to have a manual on how to access your modem page

  52. Patrick says:

    Bro… need your help here… lost my modem password… Kasda KE318D… I think I changed it before… but now I forgotten it…

  53. Patrick says:

    Hmm… Bro… I change to Riger DB102 ADSL Modem 2/2+… then I wanna set it to my D-Link Dl-624 to run Wifi… can you teach me how to configure this?

  54. kilohertz says:

    username: admin
    password: admin

  55. Deepu says:

    hi, please tell me DAX910ABO Modem default ip address. Thanks in advance.

  56. pijut82 says:

    The easier way is to plug your modem into your RJ45 and connect to PC.
    Then do the ipconfig /all
    Look for the default gateway IP.
    That is your modem IP.

  57. jayesh says:

    Is there any way to find zte modem user name and password? I tried all of which posted above to rest my modem. Please share with me. Thanks in advance.

  58. pijut82 says:

    How about to try to hard reset it first?
    Because the default username and password can be reinstated by hard resetting when you forgot.

  59. James E says:

    Hi, I have a Billion modem from Tmnet and need to set to auto from manual. However, going to and typing User: admin and password as: password it will not work, just says Protected Object
    This object on the RomPager server is protected

    what can I do?

    Do I need a new router or what lah?

  60. z4w3p says:

    i want to share some more info for new tm modem TRENDCHIP default webconfig login:


  61. pijut82 says:

    Thank You for The Information Dude!!

  62. Joran123 says:

    Can someone please tell me my username and password?

  63. waksab says:

    1. Reset both the modem and the wireless router. Here’s how you do it: Unplug the power cable from the modem or router. To reset, while holding down the reset button at the back of the unit, plug in the power cable.
    2. Now connect the modem ethernet port to the WL830RT4 WAN port.
    3. Open IE and type in the address column. (In this situation you should connect only to the router) username :admin password: admin.
    4. On the left pane, click on Quick Setup
    5. Choose WAN connection as PPPoE
    6. Key in your account name : yourname@streamyx (without the .com) and password
    7. For the wireless setting, SSID = any name you like; Region = your country; leave the rest at default
    8. In the left pane under Basic Setting, select Wireless to open the Wireless Setting. Put this in. Security Type : WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    Security Option : WPA-PSK
    Encryption : TKIP
    PSK Passphrase : Anything you like
    Group Key Update Period : 0 (If you’re lazy to change password frequently.)

    Remember to save whenever possible. Finally, go to the left pane and under Status, click on Connect under WAN.

  64. abejoe says:

    Your post helped me a lot. I use Artnet ADSL2+ and all passwords given above didn’t work. But your post really saved my day! Yes, Artnet uses Trendchip and therefore my default modem password is 1234. Thanks!

  65. pijut82 says:

    what is your modem brand?

  66. pijut82 says:

    Did you check your IP? Is it like 192.x.x.x?
    What is your modem IP?
    Try to ipconfig/all to re-confirm back the IP.

  67. Steven says:

    I use the bilion ADSL Router Bipac 5112S
    I got use linksys sd 208!8-port 10/100 switch!
    Because I want to share internet with my friend…
    But now I am using manual to online.. so only 1 pc can online.
    Now can I set auto ?
    and if I set to auto, then can 2 computers online ?
    Can I share the internet with another computer?

  68. pijut82 says:

    What type of modem and browser you are using?
    What is the distance between your modem and computer?
    Is your LAN cable a new one or don’t you know?

  69. mizi says:

    I want to know if I can set the range limit for my wifi connection. Let’s say I just want it to be only 20M radius from my router. I’m using streamyx Ringer router modem.

  70. mizi says:

    ups.. it’s RIGER DB108-WL not Ringer..

  71. Jake says:

    Thanks a lot dude, I use the Riger modem and you just saved me my time :)

  72. pijut82 says:

    i think you can but you need to change your Wireless protocol.

  73. K says:

    I’m trying to set my Riger 102 to auto dial. My problem is after I press Submit at the end of Smart Config, there is no response from the modem and my browser gets time out. Any help?

  74. pijut82 says:

    the way I know..
    riger 102 are giving more problem to streamyx user to configure their connection to auto connection.

  75. kaklong says:

    My modem is Riger, and before this, wireless streamyx was fine. I changed the MAC filter, and set my own network to ‘Allow’. Soon afterwards, the wireless connection got down. But luckily the ‘line’ internet was still working. I’m trying to undo what I did. But unfortunately I can’t get into the main page. All login attempts have failed. What should I do?

  76. pijut82 says:

    please try to hard reset back your Riger modem, maybe someone did something to your modem

  77. Safeena Binti Adulla says:

    Our Streamyx ID = nefeesu@streamyx
    Password = rawang32
    Wireless Network (SSID) = Maju Ahmad
    Network Key (WEP) = 1234567890123
    wireless Channel = 11
    Installation date= 16/8/2009
    Our Phone No. 0360382967

    This our wifi connections details. we were not using our wifi from installation date until last week. Now we want use wifi service,when we want search for wifi the laptop is showing Maju Ahmad as a wireless network ID, but we cannot access the WIFI. When I am selecting the ID as a Maju Ahmad, giving the password as rawang32, but cannot acces,its showing it is wrong password. so Pls sent to my email id the solution of my problems.

    Pls reply as soon as possible


    safeena Binti Abdullah

  78. pijut82 says:

    Dear Safeena,

    Sorry for the late reply.
    When you select the SSID as Maju Ahmad and it require you to key in the password. Please key in you “Network Key (WEP) = 1234567890123” not your streamyx password..

  79. sham says:

    You need to browse settings page of your modem by entering IP address of the modem to your browser.

  80. Need HELP says:

    I need Belkin Password and Username. Mine is the wireless G router. Can you please find them for me?

  81. pijut82 says:

    Can you please give me the model number?
    It can help much..

    Don’t you have a manual book that should have the guidelines?

  82. Adarsh says:

    I have a westell modem. Can anyone tell me the password for that?

  83. stellar says:

    Usually default password is ‘admin’
    Try ‘password’ as password, ‘username’ as admin

  84. lance says:

    Thanks Dude! Great help from you..

  85. abdulla says:

    1234567890123 is your network password

  86. pijut82 says:

    Have you checked if your modem successfully connected to the internet?
    “LAN : connected” means your PC connected to your Modem. But it doesn’t mean an internet connection has been established.
    Please check it first.

  87. kashif says:

    ZTE ix380
    Please send me user name and password

  88. kunasekaran says:

    Recently, I had a problem! I can not connect to my server. IP signal is very slow.
    A Tm technician came and reset my modem Ds 102. It’s ok now. But he told me that already out of warranty for two years.
    He also said my ADSL modem 102 won’t last long, it about to spoilt soon. Is this true what is the life spent of DS 102? Does it need to be changed?
    Please advice. Many thanks Regards Kuna.

  89. pijut82 says:

    any issue?

  90. ward says:

    Hey pijut, one question here..
    How come my cpu can connect to D link wireless, but mine laptop suddenly can’t connect. It shows no internet access. Is it my laptop problem or the wireless problem?
    It would be great if you could help me fix it.

  91. pijut82 says:

    Try to change the frequency of your NIC for Laptop.
    or try to revert back the installation


  92. Sweet_Chel says:

    Hello. I am an on-line English teacher and I’m spending my whole day here in the office. BUT I can’t access facebook here. It’s blocked in our desktops.
    I found out that we are using wi-fi aztech and zyxel. So I’m using my cellphone to connect. But it’s asking for a WEP key which I don’t know. Before, I tried 123456789a and I got connected. But I think they had already changed the WEP key. How will I connect again?

  93. sara says:

    I tried to login before and there was no problem. But now everytime I try the dialog box for username and password keep pop up after I enter it.. and when I click cancel, it appears Protected Object.. This object on the RomPager server is protected… Help… I need to change my wireless password..

  94. sacto says:

    Currently I’m using standard Streamyx Riger modem. Everything works fine. But later I got a Streamyx Riger DB108-WL from my friend. The problem is I don’t know how to setup the new wireless modem.

  95. vincentsoon says:

    Try “tmuser” for password and username

  96. aminudin says:

    What is the username and password for TM Modem brand Innacomm W3400V

  97. Vincent says:

    Hi, I’m using riger modem and just recently bought a zyxel router. When I type in the IP on my browser, there’s a pop-up requiring username and password for my modem. Referring to your website, I typed in both the username and password only to find that it brings me into my modem configuration manager site. My router is still not setup and I don’t know how to proceed. Please help.

  98. muskan says:

    Hey if you have adsl wire then connect throgh it. It works and doesn’t ask for that password and you can change the wireless password easily.

  99. Hiiii says:

    Password: tmadmin
    User : tmadmin

    It works on mine.

  100. mostafa says:

    What is the user and password modem adsl fcc ?

  101. lucy blogar says:

    What is the username and password for Huawei modem: E367
    with the IP:

  102. abdiou44 says:

    I want to change my wireless password

  103. sham says:

    User : tmadmin
    Password: tmbusiness

  104. leehockhin says:

    Streamyx Modem passwords

  105. ali says:

    Hi, I have a modem HUAWEI BM632w. Last year I changed its password login.
    ( = >
    username : admin
    password : ?
    Would you help me find my password? Thanks a lot.

  106. javed says:

    Dear sir I forgot my adsl modem password

  107. sling says:

    how to change my network key through internet?

  108. Kin says:

    Where D-link Version? You guys forgot? Not kidding =.=

  109. freeman says:


  110. G says:

    Innacom w3400v

    User: support
    Password: support

  111. Jimmy says:

    My router is TD-W8901G and my IP is
    I tried all passwords none of them is working.

  112. manju kakkar says:

    I am connected through Quidway WlA1003A {ADSL/WIRELESS/USB/LAN} ROUTER/MODEM.IP-ADDRESS IS192.168.1.1.Though well asmy Acer Lap TOP is connected to my ISP over wireless as well as by using DSL Cable but i am not able to connect my I-Pad through wireless using the same wireless router.Please suggest DHCP (Server) settings and/or settings in the SET-UP MENU.

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