How to change your TMNet Streamyx password


Visit TMNet Billing and Payment (MCM & B Selfcare) website
Key in your TMNet Streamyx username (without @streamyx) and password. Don’t forget to choose Service tmnet streamyx
Click Change Password link under Account Management
Inside the change password field, make sure you put your old password and put new password
And then click Submit
So right now all application under your username such as email password and iChoose password has been change to a new one. If you want to change specific password according to service (for example only TMNet Streamyx password), tick on the box that says “Individually change password for each service”
Follow the instructions on the page
Congratulations! Now your done


Go To Reset Password Link
Make sure you click at Individually Change Password.
Please tick No Change to other password. Untick the one that you want to change and click Submit.



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