How to change your TMNet Streamyx password

Visit TMNet Billing and Payment (MCM & B Selfcare) website
Key in your TMNet Streamyx username (without @streamyx) and password. Don’t forget to choose Service tmnet streamyx
Click Change Password link under Account Management
Inside the change password field, make sure you put your old password and put new password
And then click Submit
So right now all application under your username such as email password and iChoose password has been change to a new one. If you want to change specific password according to service (for example only TMNet Streamyx password), tick on the box that says “Individually change password for each service”
Follow the instructions on the page
Congratulations! Now your done


Go To Reset Password Link
Make sure you click at Individually Change Password.
Please tick No Change to other password. Untick the one that you want to change and click Submit.


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32 Responses

  1. pijut82 says:

    I think it’s because of the default password.

  2. Hamidians says:

    -AZRIN= some users don’t bother to change the password. That’s their own problem but they should change for their own security. If they are careless who should they blame?

    -Pijut= I found some usefull info here, for changing the password at tmbill website. Bear in mind that the longest password is only 8 characters. At Tmbill website you can key in more than 8 characters for the password but it only accepts the first 8 characters. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. eslam says:

    My router username and password has changed after pressing on the reset. The new IP is now Now I can’t reconfigure my router. Because I don’t know the user and pass although I tried admin, admin.

  4. pijut82 says:

    If forgotten password… need to call 100 and request them to reset the password to a new one.

  5. man says:

    I tried to change. But the website keep saying I put a WRONG old password which is the default one. How to solve this?

  6. pijut82 says:

    >> you still need to click at the *individually change password* then the old password is correct.

  7. pijut82 says:

    If you want to change Streamyx Password you can refer to the picture that I attached here.

    If you want to change your computer password,
    Start>Setting>Control Panel>User Accounts>Change Password. (for Windows XP)

  8. cass says:

    Dear helper,

    If I changed the password but not individual, what should I do? Now I totally can’t online at all.

  9. pijut82 says:

    CASS :
    can you try to login back to
    or can you try to use your old password?
    or what is the error message?

    if that all unable to resolve.. try to call 100 to reset back your password.

  10. DJ says:

    Whoa! So now I find out more on max. number of characters for password! What’s obviously silly is that the site does not have a pop up window informing us or warning us on this. What stress and distress they have caused customers.

  11. pijut82 says:

    it’s already shown up there on how to reset password.. hehe

  12. sashi says:

    Whoa! So now I find out more on number of characters for the password! What’s obviously weird is that the site does not have a pop up window informing us or warning us on this. What stress and distress they have caused customers.

  13. Kyle says: – some functions don’t work any longer. I tried to update my personal profile and infomation and kept pressing the SAVE button and nothing gets saved or updated… and there’s no avenue to give them feedback. Their site isn’t working.

  14. kishen32 says:

    Is there any way that I can disconnect my connection with current username and login with a different one?

  15. pijut82 says:

    is login password?
    ever change it? or anyone knows your password?

  16. pijut82 says:

    As far as I know, if you want to disconnect your connection just disconnect it using your dialer.

  17. lisa says:

    Please show how to change the default password. Thank you.

    Further does anybody know how to restrict wifi internet access to handphones or other computers in the same household? They know the password to access my streamyx wifi.

  18. pijut82 says:

    You might have another option that is to restrict by MAC Address

  19. Frik3 says:

    If you forgot your password there’s a RESET button at the back of the modem/router. Take a needle and push it through the small hole and it will reset itself. It’s kinda funny why you guys can’t see the reset button at the back.

  20. pijut82 says:

    We can call it as reset hole.. haha
    But we should make sure that we don’t puke it too long. Because it might spoil the modem.

  21. momo says:

    If I press the reset hole, the password and name of my router is reset back to default? And if it does, how can I know my default password and ID (kinda lost it) ?
    Also changing streamyx password = changing modem network key?

  22. walter says:

    How to keep our password safe?

  23. pijut82 says:

    It should contain weird things like this one “P@$$wordm3″
    But make sure you can remember.. hehe

  24. pijut82 says:

    Please change your password or make a password.

  25. pijut82 says:

    what? why do you need people streamyx password for?

  26. azlin says:

    How can I change my password ? I tried it so many times today. But still happened to be invalid username and password. I already called 100 and ask them to reset my password. But the same thing happens. my god… so difficult. giving me such problem. I need to change my default password.

  27. pijut82 says:

    Where do you try to change it? If you try to change inside the tmbill, you need to change it one by one not all.
    There is a button to tick at it.

  28. pijut82 says:

    if so difficult why not call them and ask for their guidance.. hehe

  29. Nirosha says:

    I need help. I forgot my old password. I need to reset my password. How to do that?

  30. kek xiu lin says:

    My old password had 13 letters. But there can I type only 8 letters? How come? Can anyone settle this problem for me?

  31. wsh7152 says:

    Can anybody teach me how to get back my password on TM Wifi ? And how to reset it again?

  32. Wendy says:

    How easy to change my tmnet password?

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