Innacomm W3100 Wireless ADSL Modem

Overview of the wireless modem

Name: Innacomm W3100 Wireless ADSL Modem
Supplier: Innatech Sdn Bhd
Modem Code: MM14
Description: WiFi FixedIP Lifetime Warranty
Default Mode: Bridge Mode
LAN Port: 1
Support: PPPOA & PPPOE
Warranty: Lifetime, as long as the customer is subscribed to the package
Others: Allowed Public network (wireless or wired connection) and Private network (wireless connection only) to be connected simultaneously

Access Level:
Administrator = tmadmin / tmbusiness
User = tmuser / tmuser

Factory Default Settings

Through web:

Login Username/Password:
Administrator = tmadmin / tmbusiness
User = tmuser / tmuser

Bridged Mode: Pure Bridged LLC (RFC 1483 Bridged, LLC)

PCI/VCI: 0/35
Default IP:
DHCP Server: Enabled
NAT: Disabled
Wireless: Disabled
Firewall: Disabled


One Response

  1. dr azeem says:

    My innacomm W3100 modem does not work. It can’t connect to the internet and its wireless features does not come on. BTW it’s a brand new modem that I received 2 years ago but never used it till now.


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