Innacomm W3100 Wireless ADSL Modem

Overview of the wireless modem

Name: Innacomm W3100 Wireless ADSL Modem
Supplier: Innatech Sdn Bhd
Modem Code: MM14
Description: WiFi FixedIP Lifetime Warranty
Default Mode: Bridge Mode
LAN Port: 1
Support: PPPOA & PPPOE
Warranty: Lifetime, as long as the customer is subscribed to the package
Others: Allowed Public network (wireless or wired connection) and Private network (wireless connection only) to be connected simultaneously

Access Level:
Administrator = tmadmin / tmbusiness
User = tmuser / tmuser

Factory Default Settings

Through web:

Login Username/Password:
Administrator = tmadmin / tmbusiness
User = tmuser / tmuser

Bridged Mode: Pure Bridged LLC (RFC 1483 Bridged, LLC)

PCI/VCI: 0/35
Default IP:
DHCP Server: Enabled
NAT: Disabled
Wireless: Disabled
Firewall: Disabled

One thought on “Innacomm W3100 Wireless ADSL Modem”

  1. My innacomm W3100 modem does not work. It can’t connect to the internet and its wireless features does not come on. BTW it’s a brand new modem that I received 2 years ago but never used it till now.


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